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Beauty Therapist

We’ve taken what we know about the beauty industry to create functional and luxurious uniforms that reflect the spectacular visual portfolio of a beauty therapist. Each of our beauty therapist uniforms have been designed and created to meet your comfort and style needs. Crafted with our unique fabric blend, each of our uniforms work to inspire and support you.


Contemporary spa uniforms that embody the unique role of a spa therapist or professional. We’ve combined style, practicality and comfort to create our elegant collection of spa uniforms. Our unique fabric blend will ensure your comfort and style is the highest priority. Each of our spa uniforms have been developed with your needs in mind.


The extensive and complex job description of a dentist or dental assistant deserves praise and appreciation. We’ve designed dental uniforms to make you feel appreciated and cared for in your uniform and your daily workload. Our uniforms are durable, and comfortable to wear all day, every day.


The service of a nurse significantly impacts the world around us – the work you do does not go unnoticed, and neither should you. Our selection of nurse uniforms has been formulated to reflect the comfort and functional needs of your role. Overnight shifts become a lot easier when you’re not worrying about scratchy fabrics and awkwardly cut uniforms.


Hair stylists spend all day making other people look and feel beautiful, now we want to do the same to you. Our collection of hairdresser uniforms not only look elegant, but they are practical, comfortable and resistant to harsh product stains. We’ve found all the ways to make your daily client work easier, and we’ve put them into our uniforms.


Life in the medical industry is fast, complex and requires a great deal of focus. Our medical uniforms are here to take the pressure off with Okeo-Tex and CDHC certified fabric to reduce the risk of contamination from heavy chemical use and to maintain high levels of hygiene while you’re on shift. Our medical scrubs are performance driven and developed to meet your comfort and functional needs.


The story of Spring Spa Wear starts with Leanne Spring.

Leanne is no stranger to the beauty industry. Her love for all thing’s beauty began the moment her teenage self sat in a salon chair waiting to get her eyebrows waxed for the first time. She was quickly captivated by the love and care she received from her beauty therapist and was infatuated by the smell of the salon, and the wonderful people who walked through the salon doors. She couldn’t resist volunteering her time around the salon and soon after, Leanne attended beauty college. And thus, began her 18-year journey as a Beauty Therapist.

Enthralled by the beauty industry, Leanne opened and grew two successful beauty salons in Sydney. She dedicated her time to educating and supporting budding beauty therapists and industry professionals, and continued to facilitate a warm, inviting space for all of her salon’s customers.

Through her time in the beauty sphere, Leanne often felt the industry struggled to match the passion and determination of herself and the people she worked with – she found it difficult to find stylish and practical uniforms and accessories for her team that communicated the current trends, aesthetic and functions she was looking for. She was looking for industry solutions that united and inspired her team. Leanne felt this huge demand for functional and attractive uniform and linen solutions for spa, beauty and health professionals, and took the first steps to developing Spring Spa Wear.

Spring Spa Wear offers a collection of uniforms, linen and accessories that are developed with real life experiences and concerns in mind – Leanne has been on the floor, she’s worked the long hours, and knows how essential comfort is for staff to provide an amazing service. Through revolutionary designs and specific product formulations, Leanne has broken down the stigma of ‘boring’, monotonous salon, beauty and health uniforms, and redefined the industry standard.

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