There’s no better time than the New Year to think and plan your 2020 spa and salon goals. The beauty and health industry move incredibly fast so it’s important for your space and business to keep up to date with current and future trends – trust us, this is not the industry to try to keep old trends alive! Just think, would you rather someone gift you an outdated bottle of perfume or a brand-new bottle? We know which one we’d choose. So, let’s make 2020 the year to revive and re-energise your salon and spa!

Whether your goal is to grow your business or retain more of your customers, your décor is going to play a huge role. Here are 3 things you must factor into your annual plan this year:

  1. Renovations

Annual renovations are a necessity if you own a salon or spa. Today’s customers are fleeting – they’re always looking for the latest and greatest and if you’re space doesn’t reflect these trends, your brand loyalty will wear out, fast. While you don’t need to do a complete transformation each year, tweaking your current décor can bring new life to your space. 

Easy renovation ideas:

– Apply a fresh coat of paint. If your walls and ceiling are looking a bit dull, set aside a few days this year to freshen up the paint. Choose a new shade or stick with the same one – as long as it looks brighter and more vibrant than its previous coat, you’re on your way to a better salon. Tip: the Easter break is a perfect time for a paint touch up. Take advantage of the extra public holidays so you can avoid taking time off during business hours! 

– Replace your lighting. Over time, our bulbs get old and dull. Exchange your bulbs to bring the life back to your business. Brighter lights will also help you see more clearly, which means more accurate and effective treatments!

– Do a deep clean. Even if your salon looks and feels great, you can always benefit from a deep clean. Sometimes we get so used to the stains and marks around our salon that we don’t even notice them anymore. But trust us, your clients will. Hire a commercial cleaning service to get into every corner of your business. Everyone loves the fresh smell of a clean space.

2. Colour + Theme

One thing that can easily go out of style is your colour or theme. There was once a time where neon was the ‘in thing’… now, not so much. Take a moment to think about your colour palette and whether it reflects the ambience you want to create in your space. Do the colours make you feel relaxed? Comfortable? Or are they bright and harsh? If they’re the latter, rethink your design and make changes accordingly.

You should also consider your accessories and linen – are they consistent with your colour theme? Do they look new and clean? We’ve introduced a few new items to our range of spa accessories that will suit any and all salons or spas and immediately add personality, like our luscious bed valances that now come in sage green and blush pink and their coordinating bed runners. We’ve also brought in copper pedicure bowls that contain healing, calming properties that would complement any spa environment. You may even choose to partner our pedicure bowls with a set of our ceramic massage oil bottles that can be used and customised to your own oil blends.

Our brand-new door signs are also the perfect way to welcome your clients into your salon. Continue to inspire them with our stunning range of wall art that have been designed specifically for the hair and beauty industry. These striking pieces are sure to awaken any spa or salon environment.

3. Quantity + Quality

Some people say quality over quantity, but we say you need both! When it comes to your linen, it’s important they’re kept fresh and clean all year round. Bed linen should ideally be replaced every year (think of how many people have used the linen – would you feel comfortable sleeping or laying on it if you knew?). Do they smell like oil? Are there visible stains? If you can see it or smell it, so can your client.


You will also need to think about how many sets of sheets you currently have – do you have enough to cycle throughout the year to ensure each client gets a fresh set? If you’re looking for a more convenient set of linen, our microfiber spa bed sheets are a great quick-drying linen option that will ensure your linen cycle is be minimised and more sustainable.

Whilst décor may not be a high priority on your to-do list, it’s a very easy way to make or break brand loyalty. Making minor or major tweaks to your current spa or salon will immediately reinvigorate your business and will be the easiest way to stand out in 2020.

If you have any questions about our accessories and how you should refresh your spa, salon or clinic, contact us now.