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About Spring Spa Wear

Get to know Spring Spa Wear…

When you think of uniforms, where does your mind take you? Low-energy, tedious, corporate careers quickly come to mind for us, and that was not the type of energy we wanted to bring to our uniforms. Spring Spa Wear offers a collection of beautiful uniforms, comfortable and stylish linen to match your décor, and striking accessories that redefine the way we view the workplace.

For far too long, beauty and health professionals have grown accustomed to the ordinary. But when we look at the portfolio of services and experiences these industries offer, it’s far more complex and involved than ‘ordinary’. Beauty therapists and spa professionals have this unique ability to care for others and help people to relax and reconnect to themselves, whilst medical professionals provide tangible solutions to your health needs and concerns.

It was important for us at Spring Spa Wear to create uniforms and products that reflected the important work of these industries, inspired community and togetherness, and also made each professional feel recognised and cared for in their line of work.

We’ve spent countless hours and extensively researched each of our products to ensure they reflect their usefulness in everyday business – the fabric we use for our uniforms are breathable, soft, durable and stretchy to allow for comfort and easy movement. And the colour schemes we have chosen for our uniforms and linen are suited for all salon and clinic décor.

We have officially thrown in our towels and rejected the idea that uniforms and workplace accessories and equipment have to be mundane. At Spring Spa Wear, we are reinventing the way we look and feel at work, and we are so happy you are part of this journey with us.

Did you know our uniforms are made right here in Brisbane, Australia? With each purchase you make, you are supporting 10 Australian women with ongoing employment opportunities.

Elegant Styles
Beautifully designed uniforms and linen to meet and complete your salon or clinic décor.

Get to know our Founder…

Just like you can’t have a facial without a hot towel, you can’t have Spring Spa Wear without Leanne Spring.

Leanne is no stranger to the beauty industry. Her love for all thing’s beauty began the moment her teenage self sat in a salon chair waiting to get her eyebrows waxed. She was quickly captivated by the love and care she received from her beauty therapist and was infatuated by the smell of the salon, and the wonderful people who walked through the salon doors. She couldn’t resist volunteering her time around the salon and soon after, Leanne attended beauty college. And thus, began her 18-year journey as a Beauty Therapist.

Before beauty therapy, Leanne always felt drawn to helping the people around her. When she embarked on her career as a beauty therapist, she was pleasantly surprised by how fulfilling and significant her role could be. Every day was another opportunity to bring joy to another person’s life. And the community she built, and was a part of, kept her passionate and determined to give back however she could.

Leanne then opened and grew two successful beauty salons in Sydney and dedicated her time to educating and supporting budding beauty therapists and industry professionals. However, she often felt the industry struggled to match the passion and determination of herself and the people she worked with – she found it difficult to find stylish and practical uniforms and accessories for her team that communicated the current trends, aesthetic and functions she was looking for. She was looking for industry solutions that united and inspired her team.

Alas, a couple of faulty uniforms and a broken zipper was all it took for Leanne and her grandmother to take on the challenge of fashioning durable, luxurious uniforms and solutions for her staff, without realising their products would quickly become highly sought after by other industry professionals. Leanne acknowledged the huge demand for functional and attractive uniform and linen solutions for spa, beauty and health professionals, and took the first steps to developing Spring Spa Wear.

Leanne wanted to take an evidence-based approach to Spring Spa Wear products. Her uniforms, linen and accessories were developed with real life experiences and concerns in mind – Leanne has been on the floor, she’s worked the long hours, and knows how essential comfort is for staff to provide an amazing service. Through revolutionary designs and specific product formulations, Leanne has broken down the stigma of ‘boring’, monotonous salon, beauty and health uniforms, and redefined the industry standard. Since 2007, Spring Spa Wear has been leading the way in workwear and accessories that symbolise luxury, care and community.

Real Life Solutions
We’ve found and filled the gaps in your industry to make your workday easier and more enjoyable.