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Leanne Spring

Spring Spa Wear is a company that brings something different and desperately needed to uniform design: modern, well-cut attire made from comfortable, workable fabrics. Countless hours of research into materials and accessories have given us the edge in terms of providing the industry with what it truly wants and needs.


Spring Spa Wear has everything you could possibly need from a work uniform, at a price that suits your budget. Our informed and intelligent choices of material and cut mean that you’ll never lose out on quality or finish.


Our uniforms including healthcare uniforms, pharmacy uniforms, nursing uniforms, dental & medical uniforms are breathable and feature two-way stretch. Our stunning collection has something for everyone with several gorgeous designs and exciting colours.


Spring Spa Wear: fits you beautifully and makes you feel amazing.


After 18 years in the beauty industry, Leanne Spring began her quest to bring fashion and quality to salon and spa wear. Well aware of how important image is in making a business successful, Leanne made it her mission to create standout uniforms that elegantly and professionally represent the companies and staff that wear them. Until now, uniform designs and materials have not adequately met the demands of the industry, but Spring Spa Wear aims to change that.