You’ve been dressing your clients in the same old faded and shabby treatment gowns for too many years. When was the last time you updated your beauty spa’s headbands? Are you using stained and frayed dressing gowns? It’s time you update your spa’s look and dress with these new Spring Spa Wear outfits! They’re lightweight, comfortable, and stylish. Your clients will be impressed with how up-to-date you are on fashion trends. And, better yet, You won’t get lost in a sea of other spas that haven’t updated their looks as yours has now!

The items a beauty spa offers to its clients to wear can leave lasting impressions. Despite how stunning your nail treatments are, the client might remember that they had to wear an unflattering gown because you didn’t have anything else. In all seriousness, it might leave a bad taste in the client’s mouth. You don’t want to risk alienating your best customers and losing them to another spa.

Fortunately, you can dress up your spa to make a lasting impression with a few swatches of Spring Spa Wear

At Spring Spa Wear our goal is to make sure the client’s experience in the salon is just as stylish as theirs in their home. We strive to provide fashion-forward experiences that are great for both the professional and client wearing them. What’s more, our products are comfortable and look great on every client.

Our new Spring Spa Wear products give your clients a choice of different looks as well as fabrics for both the headband and their gowns. We have a variety of colours to accentuate the skin tone. We even offer a variety of styles to choose from for both the headband and gowns.

Who are we?

Spring Spa Wear is a company that prides itself in helping beauty spa owners take their business to the next level. We offer a variety of spa wear that is affordable and easy to use. No more going from store to store trying to find the right outfit for your clients. We want our company to be an extension of you, offering products that are tailored to your needs.

While we offer spa uniforms and accessories, we are passionate about making sure both your staff and your clients are comfortable. Our line of spa treatment gowns, headbands, and dressing gowns will definitely help your clients relax and feel ready for a little TLC.

Our treatment gowns, headbands, and bathrobes

We have a range of different gowns with different fabrics and designs. We have options for both the headband and gown. We offer a variety of colours to choose from to match your salon’s decor.

Our collection of treatment robes, headbands, and bathrobes is an awesome way to give your clients the look they want without having to worry about how they will look in their gowns. Our products are comfortable, easy to use, and great for all skin types.

Choose between a Poly/Silk blend, an organic cotton waffle, or a plush velour. We even offer sarongs, supersoft bathrobes, and we complete the whole look with some slippers! Now, you might want to stock some extra slippers because we love giving these to spa clients as a memory of their visit (especially if you have your logo embroidered) or as a thank you after they leave. Our slippers are also great for your staff to wear when working in a pedicure or manicure station. Spa treatment gowns, headband, and dressing gowns are all necessary items that make your customers feel pampered and relaxed.

The benefits of poly/silk

What’s great about our poly/silk is that it lasts longer than other fabrics. In fact, it’s strong and stain-resistant.

What’s more, the material is breathable which allows your clients to feel comfortable in their gowns. The poly/silk material is also very good with taking body oil and stains so no matter what your client has on when they come into the salon, you can be sure their gown will be clean by the time they leave.

This fabric comes in Black and Smokey Grey.

The benefits of organic cotton

The organic cotton waffle is extremely soft on the skin. It’s also eco-friendly and safe to use. Our organic cotton gowns are made from 100% certified GOTS certified organic cotton. These come in a white or natural cream colour.

The benefits of plush velour

Our collection of plush velour is impressive. The quality of all of our products is extremely high and it’s definitely worth taking a look at. Each product is made with incredible attention to detail.

The material stretches to fit your clients’ body while remaining as comfortable as possible. It’s a one-of-a-kind fabric that adds an elegant touch to the salon.

This fabric comes in Black, Dove Grey, and White.

Why do we choose these fabrics, styles, and colours?

The fabrics and designs that we use to make our products are just one of the many things that we love about them.

One of the main reasons why we’ve chosen these fabrics and colours is because they’re popular with beauty spa clients. The colours work best with the spa treatments that you offer such as manicures, facials, pedicures, waxing services, and more.

The fabric is also very soft on the skin and will make your clients feel comfortable during their salon visit. They’ll also enjoy the soft touch of these products because they’re very easy to care for.

Our products are easy to get used to and your clients will feel very confident and relaxed when you give them treatment in one of our gowns, headband, or bathrobe. The colours available should match the salon decor and all of our stylish products will help your clients feel pampered.

Our selection has something for every spa look. We believe that our products are some of the best on the market.

Quality spa products are very important to us. That’s why we continue to look for ways to change and improve our products. We aim to provide total customer satisfaction and we take all of your needs into consideration. If you have any questions about our current line of Spa Treatment Gowns, Headbands, or Bathrobes, or want to enquire about other items, please do not hesitate to contact our team.