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Is your spa, salon, or treatment room feeling a little lacklustre? Transform your spa, salon, or clinic with Spring Spa Wear’s Signs and Artwork, meticulously designed to elevate the aesthetic of any professional space. Our collection includes everything from serene spa artwork that enhances the calming ambiance to practical signs like ‘Treatment in Progress’ that guide and inform clients. Featuring high-quality canvas prints and handmade signs, our artwork is not only decorative but functional, promoting a tranquil and welcoming environment. Ideal for spas, beauty salons, and wellness centres, offices, our Signs and Artwork are available in various designs to perfectly match your space’s theme. Shop now and choose the right pieces to complement your décor and improve your client’s experience.



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Bundle Deals

Need to outfit an entire team? Having a uniform refresh? A new treatment bed, pedicure station or even a new clinic opening? Our Bundle Deals have got you covered! Bundles are a cost effective way to purchase pedicure bowls, scrubs, or bed linen, tailored for the specific needs of massage, spa, and beauty therapists. Our uniform and linen range are ethically made right here in Brisbane, Australia, designed by beauty therapists who know what works. Our range is ethically made, of premium quality, all while keeping up with the latest styles.