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Comfort and professionalism are priorities for any dental uniform. And, these are benefits you’re sure to find with our dental tunics. Our elegant and stylish range of tunics is sure to cover all your practice needs, with designs suitable for everyone from dental surgeons to receptionists.

Dental Tunics For Style And Comfort

As well as looking good, each of our tunics is designed with comfort in mind. We understand that, as well as looking the part, you need uniforms which withstand a busy medical environment. That’s why each of our tunics has two-way stretch for comfort, and soft texture for everyday wear. Our customised fabric is also created for hygiene with easy stain removal, while the fade-resistant qualities guarantee that any one of our tunics will last your team for a long time to come.

Why Choose Our Dental Tunics?

  We could give you all manner of reasons why our dental tunics would best suit your needs, including our gentle polyester blend and stylish designs, but we’re going to let our benefits speak for themselves -   
  • Okeo-tex and ZDHC certification
  • Buy now pay later
  • 100% customisation
  • Crease-free corporate grade fabric
  • No ironing needed
  • Lightweight and cool
  If you want to take care of dental tunics today, check out our sizing guide and contact our friendly team sooner rather than later. 

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