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 Dental Uniform Pants For Freedom Of Movement

  Too often, smart trousers are restrictive in a dental setting. That’s why our dental uniform pants are a preferable option. With our two-way stretch polyester blend fabric, we promise wearable comfort all day. The pants we offer zip at the front and are cut high for extra support. Never again will you need to worry about pants which dig in or restrict your movement.   

Why Our Dental Uniform Pants?

  Our custom-made polyester fabric is designed with your dental needs in mind. With increased comfort and high levels of hygiene, we guarantee that these are the only uniform pants you’ll ever need. If you aren’t convinced, consider that our pants also come complete with benefits including -   
  • Buying now and paying later with After Pay
  • No ironing needed
  • Soft and smooth wear
  • Easy stain removal
  • 100% customisation
  • Lightweight material
  • Pre-shrunk and fade resistant
  • Okeo-Tex and ZDHC certification
  All these benefits and more could be at your uniform fingertips if you contact us today.

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