Nurse Uniforms

The twelve-hour shifts nurses face are just one of the reasons it’s essential to get nurse uniforms right. Add to this the heavy lifting and strenuous tasks, and you could say that comfortable and customised uniforms are a must. 


That’s why we’ve developed a broad range of nurse uniforms, including scrubs and tunics, available in a variety of styles which can meet every need of this job. When you have lives in your hands, you don’t want to worry about uniform. So, let us do the worrying for you with our top-quality, comfort-focused nursing selection. 



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  • Spa Bed Linen
  • Pedicure Bowls
  • Scrub Sets
  • Towelling Sets

Bundle Deals

Need to outfit an entire team? Having a uniform refresh? A new treatment bed, pedicure station or even a new clinic opening? Our Bundle Deals have got you covered! Bundles are a cost effective way to purchase pedicure bowls, scrubs, or bed linen, tailored for the specific needs of massage, spa, and beauty therapists. Our uniform and linen range are ethically made right here in Brisbane, Australia, designed by beauty therapists who know what works. Our range is ethically made, of premium quality, all while keeping up with the latest styles.