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If you’re looking for bleach-resistant uniforms, then you’ve come to the right place. Bleach is a risk in the beauty industry, used for all kinds of client services. Your staff need uniforms that resist bleach, not only so that they look their best at all times, but also to keep costs down.

Bleach Resistant Uniforms With A Difference

When it comes to bleach resistant uniforms, you want something that both resists bleach and, at the same time, looks great. The problem with the workplace apparel industry as we see it is that you either have to choose practicality or style: you can’t have both.    As beauty professionals ourselves, we decided that there must be a better way. That’s why we formulated a special fabric blend which not only offers bleach protection but looks great too. Our bleach resistant uniforms come in a range of styles and colours designed to perfectly complement your brand and make your salon or spa appear highly professional to clients.

Why People Choose Our Bleach Resistant Uniforms

The benefits of choosing a bleach-resistant uniform are substantial. Our unique blend of fabrics makes your life easier, allowing movement in all directions while at the same time, offering exceptional bleach protection. Take a look at some of the benefits of choosing our uniforms below:   
  • Eliminate creases forever with our special crease-free technology
  • Say goodbye to ironing: our bleach resistant uniforms are ready to wear out of the wash
  • Resist all kinds of stains, including bleach. 
  • Bleach resistant uniforms, customised for the needs of people in the beauty industry
  • Special two-way stretch fabric for easy of movement and superior comfort
  • Comfortable to wear: both lightweight and cool
  • Soft on the skin
  • Resists both fading and shrinking
  Not sure what sizes to order for your staff? Take a look at our sizing chart and take the guesswork out of your order. Still stuck? Call one of our friendly customer support staff: they’re happy to help.

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