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If you’re looking for purpose-created hairdressing tunics, then you’ve come to the right place. Unlike many apparel vendors, we’ve spent years seeking out the perfect fabric that will deliver all of the properties you want, such as durability, style, and convenience. With us, your hairdressers can finally get something that not only looks great but is eminently practical too. 


Our hairdressing tunics come in a range of styles and colours to complement your business. Choose from our range of apparel options today and start enjoying the benefits. 

Light And Comfortable Hairdressing Tunics

As beauty professionals, we know that comfortable hairdressers are happy hairdressers. That’s why we’ve created the lightest and softest hairdresser tunics possible, designed to be worn hour after hour, day after day. Our soft fabric blend makes work life easy. 

Reasons To Pick Our Hairdressing Tunics

When it comes to hairdressing, we understand the industry as well as you do. We know that hairdressers need uniforms that not only showcase their businesses in the best light possible, but that is also practical and convenient.    Our polyester blend uses a large proportion of straight polyester, providing a great feel on the skin while at the same time, offering a host of benefits.   
  • Special no-crease fabric formulation prevents creases
  • Staff no longer need to waste time ironing their clothes  
  • Fade-resistant material  
  • 100% built with the needs of hairdressers in mind
  • Feather-light and breathable fabric
  • Multidirectional stretch for best-in-class comfort
  • Resistant to shrinking and fading
  For sizing, be sure to check out our sizing chart. If you have any further questions, get in touch with our customer service team for a prompt response.

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