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Uniforms are a must in the medical world. Whether you’re a doctor meeting with patients regularly, or a nurse working long shifts on the ward; the correct uniform is essential for ensuring that you can both look the part and achieve the comfort levels you need. 


We have a range of medical uniforms on offer, including scrubs, tunics, and pants for your every medical occasion. With our focus on functionality, every medical offering is 100% customised with both your comfort and hygiene in mind to ensure that you can always focus on saving lives like you should.

Hygiene For Every Health Need

  No matter which line of the medical world you’re involved in, hygiene is sure to be a priority. That’s why our medical uniforms are all carefully designed with high levels of cleanliness in mind. Or customised fabric blend is both Okeo-Tex, and ZDHC certified to eliminate the risk of contamination from heavy chemical use. Our uniforms are also stain resistant to ensure that no amount of spillage will leave even a mark after your shift.   

The Best Benefits Of Our Medical Uniforms

  • After Pay benefits meaning you can buy now and pay later
  • Crease-free corporate-grade fabric
  • No ironing needed
  • Easy to clean
  • Lightweight and cool
  • Soft and smooth texture
  • Two-way stretch for comfort
  • Pres-shrunk and fade resistant
  • Okeo-Tex and ZDHC certified

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