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Durability and comfort are priorities for any set of medical scrubs, and they’re both at the centre of our scrub collection. Our ability to create both sartorial and practical uniforms means that we’re one of the industry leaders in Australia right now. And, our scrub collection is a fantastic example of why we deserve that accolade. We’ve worked hard to ensure our scrubs are 100% customised to your uniform needs, meaning that they’re sure to see you through every single shift. 

Medical Scrubs You Can Rely On

  Cleaning scrubs after every shift can soon become a headache if you have to undergo intensive stain cleaning and ironing. And, it’s a hassle which our unique fabric blend can take out of your day.   Our medical scrubs are made with anti-stain material, meaning that you’ll find it easier than you could imagine to clean even the worst substances. And, with crease-free capabilities and lightweight material for fast drying, you’ll be able to slip scrubs on again for your next shift without worry.   

The Benefits Of Our Medical Scrubs

  All our scrubs are made with our anti-stain, corporate-grade fabric, complete with crease-free and fade-resistant capabilities. The soft polyester blend and lightweight wear guarantee comfort, as does the two-way stretch design.    Add to that the fact that all our scrubs are Okeo-Tex and ZDHC certified to eliminate harmful chemicals, and you could say that these are the best scrubs you could choose. All you need to do to find out more about these benefits and our excellent After Pay scheme is to contact our team.

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