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The twelve-hour shifts nurses face are just one of the reasons it’s essential to get nurse uniforms right. Add to this the heavy lifting and strenuous tasks, and you could say that comfortable and customised uniforms are a must. 


That’s why we’ve developed a broad range of nurse uniforms, including scrubs and tunics, available in a variety of styles which can meet every need of this job. When you have lives in your hands, you don’t want to worry about uniform. So, let us do the worrying for you with our top-quality, comfort-focused nursing selection. 

Nursing uniforms to get you through any shift

  No shift looks the same in nursing. That’s why we’ve adapted uniforms with every possible need in mind. Our two-way stretch, the lightweight fabric ensures you’re always comfortable through the longest shifts and heaviest duties. Our easy clean and fade-resistant materials also ensure you’re able to turn up fresh for every shift. And, we now offer it all with After Pay benefits, meaning that you can buy now and pay at a time which suits.  

Why Choose Our Nursing Uniforms?

  Our sophisticated nursing uniforms are just part of the reason we’re one of Australia’s leading uniform providers. Our dynamic nursing product range, all created with our polyester blend material, will never let you down.   As well as benefits for comfort and ease of cleaning, our uniforms are all Okeo-Tex, and ZDHC certified, meaning they’re guaranteed to be free of harmful chemicals which could otherwise tarnish your hygiene practices.    Other benefits include crease-free and fade-resistant fabrics to ensure you’re always able to look the part, no matter how often you have to wash your uniform. And, we offer every nursing item in sizes 4-30. Just check out a sizing guide to find your fit, then contact our friendly team today.

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