It’s the time of year to really deck out your retail area. Customers appreciate a good gift idea, and gift vouchers always sell exceptionally well.


This year though, why not take things a step further and offer a gift pairing that elevates the ordinary gift voucher?


TRY THIS: A gift voucher paired with a Unisex Spa Inspired Retreat Bath Robe


Simply buy some nice Christmas-inspired gift boxes from your local cheap shop to put the robe and voucher in, and decorate the box so your clients can simply write on the card and place it under the tree.



For the first time, we are selling our Unisex Spa Inspired Retreat Bathrobes (usually $77) for just $25 each.


This huge saving means you can easily add them to your voucher with the gift box, and increase the value of your sale.



Shop for these $25 bathrobes online until the 16TH December 2018 to take advantage of this offer.




After 18 years in the beauty industry, Leanne Spring began her quest to bring fashion and quality to salon and spa wear. Well aware of how important image is in making a business successful, Leanne made it her mission to create standout uniforms that elegantly and professionally represent the companies and staff that wear them. Until now, uniform designs and materials have not adequately met the demands of the industry, but Spring Spa Wear aims to change that.