As a beauty therapist myself and after working in the industry for 28 years, including running my own chain of successful salons, I understand the importance of presentation of both my salon environment and the professionalism of the staff I employ.   While running three salons and employing numerous staff I reached a point of pure frustration with the lack of styles, colours and fabrics available in salon uniforms at that time. It was then that I embarked on a journey to change this and created Spring Spa Wear. It was essential that the designs not only looked professional but were comfortable, practical and the fabrics were durable and easy for the therapist to wash and wear.

Today Spring Spa Wear has over 20 designs to cater for everyone in the industry, all shapes and sizes. Our sizing range starts at a size 6 through to size 24, and in some styles we can cater for smaller size 4 therapists and up to a size 30 in various designs. I believe it is so important for every therapist to look and feel good in a uniform they wear every day.

A uniform for every therapist is essential to the success of a salon. It is an opportunity to further your salon’s branding within the clinic and ensures you and your team come across as the professionals that you are. A uniform however, doesn’t just stop at the clothes that you wear. It also extends to the cleanliness of the shoes, the colour of the nail polish worn by your therapists, the way their hair is pulled back and the jewellery and accessories they wear with your uniform. It’s very important your staff are projecting the image of your business as you see it and as a business owner to enforce the uniform guidelines you put in place.

As a beauty therapist myself I always seek to create designs that are suitable for the demands of our work, from aprons that compliment the uniform while doing messy treatments to t-shirts that are made from soft modal cotton and are longer in length so they do not ride up when the therapist works. Not only do these uniforms look great, but they are also very practical day to day.

Your salon ambience, its look and feel, is just as important as the professionalism portrayed by your therapists, and one of the easiest ways to create a professional looking treatment room is through your treatment bed. 12 months ago I introduced a full bedding range to the Spring Spa Wear line, specifically designed for the spa industry as I was frustrated with the make shift bedding available that was ill-fitting and looked sloppy. My new bedding range is made specifically for treatment beds that gives a streamline look, is easy to wash and provides a great selection of colours to suit any salon.

My vision for our industry is to increase respect and recognition and help all salon owners advance the presentation of their businesses. You only get one chance to make a first impression…..make it a great one.

Remember in our industry Presentation is Everything.

After 18 years in the beauty industry, Leanne Spring began her quest to bring fashion and quality to salon and spa wear. Well aware of how important image is in making a business successful, Leanne made it her mission to create standout uniforms that elegantly and professionally represent the companies and staff that wear them. Until now, uniform designs and materials have not adequately met the demands of the industry, but Spring Spa Wear aims to change that.