Copper Pedicure bowl Black - Spring Spa Wear

Copper Pedicure bowl Black

Did you hear the news? Copper is so in right now and so needed in your spa. Our Copper Pedicure Bowl will take your pedicures to a whole other level of care, comfort and undeniable luxury. Not only does copper look and feel royal-esque, it is also said to have Ancient Egyptian healing properties that will truly enrich your pedicure treatments and ensure your clients feel like they’re in the best hands (literally!).

The warm and inviting colours of our Copper Pedicure Bowl make this bowl suitable for all salons and spas. There is something truly irresistible about our Copper Pedicure Bowl that we know you’re also going to love!

A word from the experts: 

Available colour(s): Copper with black or ( see other listing for white exterior )

One size, 42cm x 16cm

$ 349.95

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