Lash -Treatment in Session Door Sign - Spring Spa Wear

Lash -Treatment in Session Door Sign

A word from the experts:

Available colour(s): White sign with black print.

One size.

Our Door Sign Open/Close is double sided and hangs from a small, durable string.

$ 39.95

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Our salons are perfect little havens for ourselves and our clients, and these sacred havens can be easily affected by loud mobile phones and chatter in the waiting room. To maintain a quiet and calm ambience, pop a couple of our Treatment in Session Door Signs around your salon to remind your clients their visit is a time to disconnect, relax and ‘Shhh’. We promise it’s the nicest and most stylish way to preserve the serenity of your salon.

Our Treatment in Session Door Sign is a charming little addition to your salon or spa and is an easy way to set the scene for your client experience. Gone are the days of noisy salons and grumpy customers!

Psst, check out our Treatment in Progress sign for a minimalistic door sign option.

Additional information

Weight .25 kg
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 5 cm
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