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Pedicure bowl copper seconds 50 % off


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We have a few seconds with light scuff marks or very slight dents ( wont effect the use of the bowl )
50% off so sold as is, no credit or exchange.
Did you hear the news? Copper is so in right now and so needed in your spa. Our Copper Pedicure Bowl will take your pedicures to a whole other level of care, comfort and undeniable luxury. Not only does copper look and feel royal-esque, it is also said to have Ancient Egyptian healing properties that will truly enrich your pedicure treatments and ensure your clients feel like they’re in the best hands (literally!).

The weight of the copper pedicure bowl is 1.4 kilo.
16cm high and 41cm round. Will fit up to a size 11 mens feet.

One size Copper Pedicure Bowls have a powder coated outer finish in white.

Scroll down for care instruction.

These are a no credit or exchange item.


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The reason that copper bowls can turn black over time is that the copper oxidizes. This is a chemical reaction that is completely natural and causes a dark brown or black layer or spots. Technically, this layer is copper oxide.

How to maintain and clean your copper bowl below.

A word from the experts:

  • Dry your copper bowls as soon as you finish your treatment to keep from getting pesky black sticky water spots on the copper interior.
  • Clean your copper bowl promptly after each use with warm water and dish washing soap is the best way to look after your copper.   Dry with a soft cloth.
  • Do not leave water soaking in the copper pedicure bowl for extended amounts of time as the clear coating that protect the copper will dimmish from the chlorine in water. If you do get the black sticky spots below is how to fix this issue.

There are two ways to remove black spots from your Copper pedicure bowl, try one of these options depending if you wish to clean with a chemical product or a natural cleaning method.

To remove existing black spots, you can use a store-bought copper polish. Follow the instructions as outlined by the manufacturer, which will likely tell you to apply the copper polish with a soft cloth. Then, clean the copper bowl with water and gentle dish soap before use.

The Natural cleaning method below-

  1. Start by lining your copper pedicure bowl with two layers of aluminium foil. Place a ceramic bowl on top to keep the foil in place.
  2. Fill your bowl with boiling water.
  3. Using a wooden spoon, stir in a couple tablespoons each of non-iodized table salt and baking soda. Using a metal spoon will disrupt the reaction.
  4. Allow this mixture to sit for about half an hour, and then remove the aluminium foil. You’ll notice that the foil is darker and the bowl is brighter!
  5. Empty the bowl and wash it once more with dish soap and warm water. Dry immediately with a clean towel.



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Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 46 × 46 × 25 cm

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