Luxury Headbands - 6 pack - Spring Spa Wear

Luxury Headbands – 6 pack


These stunning headbands are sold as a pack of 6

Full elastic snug headband with velcro to hold hair in place, perfect for facial treatments.

We also have matching drawstring gowns- see image attached.

One size with velcro close

Colours – Pink, Champagne, Black and Grey-blue based.


$ 79.95

Follow these washing/drying instructions to get a longer life from your Luxury Polysilk headbands.
Easy wash and dry just hang over night, excessive heat in dryers will effect the life of the velcro if left in the dryer on heat for too long. Do not wash with towels as the fluff will transfer and effect the organic cotton and the velcro. Do not use washing powder that contains enzymes, do not use fabric softener.

Be sure to push the velcro together before washing and drying to ensure the velcro does not fill with cotton and debris and does not pull other items while washing / drying, where possible wash headbands in wash bag.
No credit or exchange.

Colours Black, Blush Pink, Champagne and Grey-  is a blue based Grey.

Note about Gowns, Headbands and Slippers…
We know how eager our customers are to introduce their new slippers and gowns to their salons, for hygienic reasons, we are unable to credit or exchange on these items.
We appreciate your understanding so much.

Additional information

Weight 0.20 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 2 cm

Blush Pink, Black, Champagne, Grey

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