Spa Art - Onsen I now 65% off - Spring Spa Wear

Spa Art – Onsen I now 65% off


$ 44.00

Limited edition

Onsen I features a combination of pink and green accents that delicately come
together to create a beautiful piece of art that instantly brings life and positive energy to its environment.

Named after the hot spring spas in Japan, the Onsen Collection is a visual celebration of Japanese culture. Inspired by the beautiful women of the world, the Onsen Collection is designed to transport you to the many different countries that have contributed to the ongoing development of spa, beauty and health practices all over the world. The colours chosen for this collection make each piece perfect as a statement piece or to complement the vibrant colours of your salon space.

Psst, the Onsen I is one of five beautiful pieces in our Onsen Collection. Browse the full range here.

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A word from the experts:
Premium quality printed canvas.
Lightweight and easy to hang up.

Size guide:
One size available.
60cm x 80cm

Limited edition.

No credit or exchange

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Weight 1.95 kg
Dimensions 66 × 5 × 80 cm
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