Treatment in Progress Door Sign - Spring Spa Wear

Treatment in Progress Door Sign

A word from the experts:

Available colour(s): White sign with black print.

One size.

Our Door Sign Open/Close is double sided and hangs from a small, durable string.

$ 39.95

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If you’re not fond of being known as the salon ‘Shh’-er, then our Treatment in Progress sign is the next best option. Not only will this sign manage noise levels in your salon or spa, it’ll help to create a peaceful atmosphere that your salon deserves to embody. Not to mention, minimal distractions will help you to focus on your treatment and provide the best care possible to your client!

Our Treatment in Progress sign offers a beautiful, minimalistic design that will suit any salon or spa and will build upon your current décor and branding. The best thing about the minimal design of our Treatment in Progress sign, is that it does not need much else to achieve the desired effect. It looks good and performs its purpose wherever it goes!

Psst, check out our Treatment in Session sign for a little extra character.

Additional information

Weight .20 kg
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 5 cm
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