Spring Spa Fabric

Micro stretch is a new fabric that has been developed by Spring Spa to meet the specific demands of the Spa/Beauty industries. A great deal of research has gone into the production of this fabric, which is of an exceptionally high quality. It has a luxurious look and feel, while having all the practical requirements needed to keep the wearer cool, comfortable and looking very smart and professional at all times.

The fabric is woven using a light, ultra fine polyester yarn, mixed with a small amount of elastane (Lycra). The fine gauge polyester gives the fabric its softness, durability and drape, while the elastane adds a small amount of stretch which ensures the garments are extremely comfortable to wear during an active working day, and which also help the product keeps its shape.

The fabric washes extremely well in warm water (30 degrees or less), and needs minimal ironing. It naturally dries quickly, but can be tumble dried on a cool setting if necessary.

Care has been taken to ensure that the fabric will not pill, is moderately resistant to bleach and has a shrinkage rate of less than 3% over the life of the product.