What is spa bedding and why do therapists need it

Spa bedding is an essential part of every business as it keeps your treatment bed clean & sanitary. See below our top three reasons you should use cotton bedding and sheets in your salon: 

  1. It is super important to ensure your bedding sheets are made of high-quality material like cotton. This material can withstand some of the harshest treatments while also allowing your client to be comfortable laying on it. 
  2. Cotton Bedding sheets and covers are easy to maintain to keep them looking their best, they even can be washed in a regular washing machine and tumble dryer. 
  3. Cotton bedding is also biodegradable and sourced through sustainable farming practices. High quality and pure cotton can have twice the lifespan of synthetic alternatives.

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It is also essential to ensure you are using the correct bedding for your specific treatment bed type. At Spring Spa Wear we offer a full collection of spa bed linen made specifically to fit treatment beds (40cm x 220cm)  We haven’t had a bed we couldn’t fit! We have everything from sheets, bedcovers, runners and even towels. We are the only supplier of bed valances in Australia. Our premium valances are made from high-quality cotton which is very durable and will last the life of your treatment bed. We only use premium quality fabrics for our line of spa bedding to ensure your spa equipment looks and lasts like new. Our bed valances come with a face hole and small slits at the end of the bed so a face cradle can be fitted if needed. With our valance range, you can add a finishing touch to your treatment bed to complete any salon. 

What’s the difference between sheets & covers?

When you are buying spa bedding it is important to understand the difference between the term cover and bedding. Treatment bed covers are thin cotton sheets that are to be placed over the bed and bedding refers to a tightly fitted sheet to cover your treatment bed. 

We recommend the use of high-quality durable cotton bedding. We offer a variety of colours of our high-quality cotton bed sheets, runners and valances, to complete the look of any salon. 

What are the benefits of spa bedding?

There is a multitude of benefits to using spa bed sheets, spa cover or a spa valance for your salon. 

  • Spa bed linen actually controls the humidity in your salon. It helps prevent dampness and it keeps treatments running longer as treatments that use steam have this dampness factor which causes steam-lock. 
  • Spa bed linen also acts as a barrier between your clients and the spa bedding so you don’t need to use an excessive amount of products. 
  • Spa sheets will reduce the number of chemicals used in your treatment. It also helps protect the skin from staining the fabric of your treatment bed. 
  • It is also important to purchase cotton spa sheets as they are proven to be suitable for a variety of treatments including hot stone massage, soothing massage and even Swedish massage. Cotton spa sheets do not stick when sanitised and will last many years for you to put back into circulation again through your salon. You can also choose a different colour for your sheets and cover to complement the colours or theme in your salon. Check out our collection here

What’s the best way to clean spa bedding?

Cotton spa sheets should be cleaned at least once every week to ensure they are hygienic and sanitary. We encourage you to refresh your sheets more often through the summer months when clients may perspire onto your treatment bed. We recommend having two or three sets of bedding per treatment bed within your salon. This means you can ensure your salon is hygienic. This also allows you to alternate the style and colour of your salon by refreshing your sheets with different colours and setups. One of the benefits of using linen bedding is the ease and ability to pop the bedding into the washing machine and tumble dryer (low temperature). This means it is so easy to maintain and clean your bedding is always fresh and clean. Other synthetic materials require dry cleaning and other more intensive cleaning processes to keep the bedding sheets looking their best. Other cleaning methods such as dry cleaning are significantly more expensive and time-consuming. That’s why we recommend our high-quality cotton bedding for your treatment beds. 

Best spa bedding for different salon beds

When you’re setting up your salon, you’ll need to think about which type of bedding or covers you’re going to want to use for your different treatment beds or rooms in that space. You might have a massage room and an aromatherapy room both of which can utilise our premium cotton treatment bed sheets.  No matter what your treatment bed will be used for Spring Spa Wear has a bed & fitting sheets to match. Our high-quality cotton bedding is very versatile and can be used for many different treatments – these are our recommended choice as the fabric is soft and breathable on the client’s skin and the sheets are easy to maintain and clean should you get any lotions or oils onto the sheets. 

The benefits of spa bedding for your beauty therapy business

If you’re a therapist or you run your own beauty business then investing in spa bedding is one of the best things that you can do for your business. Bed runners and covers are the perfect complements to your cotton spa sheets. They give clients a soft place to lay their head and they help keep your sheets in place even if your client is moving during their treatment. Other than the physical uses of the bed runners we find they are the perfect accessory to complete the overall design of your spa room as they come in a variety of styles, colours and textures. 

To add the final touches to your salon check out the full collection of treatment bed linen from Spring Spa Wear to make sure your bed is client-ready!