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Uniform Care & Maintenance

At Spring Spa Wear, we have developed a range of contemporary uniforms to meet all your style and comfort needs. And we know that when you love your uniforms, you want to take care of them. Here are our hot tips for caring for your uniforms and keeping them in the best shape possible:

  • Please be kind to your uniforms! With the right amount of care and love, your uniforms will look and feel great for longer.
  • We recommend washing your uniforms and linen separately in cold water. Our quick drying fabric does not require tumble drying, so we encourage you hang them up to dry right away.
  • Our fabric does not need to be ironed. Once washed and dried, your uniform will look brand new! However, if ironing is necessary, we strongly recommend to iron with the lowest, coolest setting. Please iron inside out to avoid leaving any shine on the fabric.
  • Our uniforms can be hung to dry and will dry very quickly! However, if required, use a light tumble dry setting on low heat. Do not overheat or leave in the dryer too long.
  • Please do not wash uniforms with towels as this may cause piling and leave white balls on the fabric.
  • Do not use fabric softeners or washing powders with enzymes, this can effect the stretch in the fabric and can result in shrinkage.
  • Do not bleach at all! While our informs are bleach resistant, they will not respond well to high-strength bleach washes.
  • Please wash your items with the same colours. Only wash white uniforms and linen with whites and dark colours with other dark colours to keep your uniforms and linen looking brand new for longer.
  • Please try to avoid friction or constant rubbing as this can cause pilling. If you find your uniforms are exposed to rubbing, we have a range of aprons available to prevent this from happening.